Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Charming Celebration!

Ok, I can't call it a real celebration!  We are very happy we finally sold our former house, so we decided to celebrate!  "Want to go out to dinner?" he asked me?  "Naw, let's just stay home" said I. 

I'm sure you're betting I made a wonderful dinner!
Nope, just a green enchilada cornbread casserole (with ground beef)... I know... FANCY!
"Want to have a "real" cocktail for a toast"? I inquired.  "Sure, we have the limes!" he answered.  (That is the -real- color of the glass bottle, you know how I LOVE aqua)!  Then he added "No, we'd better not, we'll just both fall asleep."  "True" she agreed.

Ok, dinner is ready!  "Congratulations!" we both exclaimed with a little smooch. 



Friday, July 29, 2011

One Charming Garage Sale Item

Ok, maybe two, alright a few, if you must keep track. :)  I know, I know... what in Heaven's name am I doing going to a garage sale when I just moved and still have a garage full of things I still need to find a place for, put away or get rid of?

Well, I was on the way to the post office to dutifully mail the bills after paying them all (this can be a chore, right)? So, maybe I deserved a little treat and I am trying to learn the new neighborhood/surrounding area after all, and sometimes on my way to do an errand, I -may- stop at a few sales on my way. What? Did I look said garage sales up on Craigslist before I went to bed last night? Well, maybe so but I was bored and couldn't sleep, okay? Sheesh, can't a girl have a habit hobby? Seriously though, I really have not gone to more than 3-4 in the past few years.

 I got this table, which I actually needed and had a place for (I'm not wild about the Ivy painted on the corner (see top photo), but I put a plant on it and covered it up.  Isn't it a darling table?  $5 (not kidding)!
 This is some sort of vintage coctail serving set.  When I saw that it had spouts, I felt faint!  Then... can it be??  You betcha, they are -pumps- PUMPS, I tell you!  I have for -years- been looking for large fancy bottle pumps for the bathroom and kitchen soap!  I saw a new one that was just ok awhile back at Marshall's (very plain, shorter, new and  over$35).  No way.  One of them looks at though the pump might not work, but I have another idea for that one.  I'll keep ya posted.

Yes, that's the price... $3.00!  Don'tcha love it when that happens??

Then there was this little beauty (vintage brass with a place for a bulb on the top, and 3 chandelier bulbs under it)!  I love it.  It has a heavy duty wire/plug on it... looks safe.  But, I'm not always sure how I feel about old lamp cords sometimes.  If they are too scary, I won't plug them in, and if they're -really- old, I only have them plugged in and on when I am in the room, and always unplug before I go to bed.  ANYWAY... I'll take a better pic when I clean it up, but do you see the marble trim piece at the bottom between the 2 brass pieces?  Love at first sight!  The man had it priced for $10 and he said if it didn't sell he was thinking about removing the dent, and painting the white chippy painted base and stem.  Horrors!  I saved it in the nick of time!
The same guy had this little picture below. I adore it, even the frame!  The frame is so unusual, and I call myself an artist (among other things but we won't get on that emotional roller coaster right now)!  She is so darling!  Also, my colors!  Squee! $4.

 And this little piece of cranberry glass for a dime (it has a chip, and I don't collect it, but it'll hold some little things in the studio), the little vintage toy "people" were a quarter!  I love them, and when we have our little buddy over to play (from the old neighborhood), I always feel bad because our toys have those little holes, but no people for them.  Now there is a full set.  The clown is maybe a little scary... you know, how clowns can be.  I'll wash them up and set 'em up in B-boy's room.  He might not be too happy, because 8 is kind of mature for this type of toy, but he'll get over it!
Oh and one more thing I forgot to take a pic of... a large white leather suitcase for 1/2 price at $2.50!  It is the same brand/style/color of the one I got last weekend for a dollar!  Yay!  I had so much fun, and was only gone a little over an hour!


One Charming Wreath: Craft Love

I'm sure you've seen this in blog land, as I have for awhile, but don't you love it?  I still haven't made one, but Heaven knows I have all of the "ingredients"!  It's definitely on my list.  I just love it, so cheerful.  This one is by Corner House (who by the way has an awesome blog too)!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Charming Thing Today

A bit of progress at the cottage...

After 4 weeks here, things are starting to shape up a bit.  Of course the cottage is "in progress" and will be for awhile, but this will give you an idea.  The pics aren't great, but one of my dearest friends (Deb in Denver) wanted to see the wee cottage "to date," so here you go, Deb.  This one's for you.  To everyone else, sorry about the detailed comments... You know how when you love someone, you always want to picture where they are, especially when you're talking on the phone. :)