Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Charming Celebration!

Ok, I can't call it a real celebration!  We are very happy we finally sold our former house, so we decided to celebrate!  "Want to go out to dinner?" he asked me?  "Naw, let's just stay home" said I. 

I'm sure you're betting I made a wonderful dinner!
Nope, just a green enchilada cornbread casserole (with ground beef)... I know... FANCY!
"Want to have a "real" cocktail for a toast"? I inquired.  "Sure, we have the limes!" he answered.  (That is the -real- color of the glass bottle, you know how I LOVE aqua)!  Then he added "No, we'd better not, we'll just both fall asleep."  "True" she agreed.

Ok, dinner is ready!  "Congratulations!" we both exclaimed with a little smooch.